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Authentic Connections - Why In-Person Events Matter

Three years ago, events worldwide were on hold – no industry gatherings, no trade shows, no company meetings, and very few family events. The COVID-19 pandemic gave us a long, hard look at what the world would be like without the ability to be in community with others. 
Fast forward to today, and Taylor Swift is single-handedly bolstering the economy with sold-out concert events in cities across the country, trade shows are back in full force and organizations like AIA are investing in events to build authentic connections.

Growing Community through In-Person Events

At AIA, our events strategy has long been an important layer in our Owner outreach strategy, but it’s become increasingly central to our success.  Our Owners, suppliers, and team find value in the time spent together as one AIA Community. When we come together, we share ideas and get to know each other on a level that makes it easy to reach out and solve problems together in between events. The synergy we create as one Community Strong fuels our learning and growth as business leaders. 

We view events as a core element of our overall communications strategy. We connect as a community in a variety of ways, including virtual meetings and webinars – but our in-person events take center stage because they help us create the authentic connection that builds community.

For example, we invest in ASI and PPAI industry shows which are valuable opportunities for us to connect with our AIA Community – and meet potential future Owners. With the support and sponsorship of our valued suppliers, we also host four regional meetings annually in cities across the country – each with unique themes and offerings, but with a consistent focus on collaboration, education, and inspiration. Our annual events calendar culminates in Unite!, a multi-day national sales meeting for Owners, suppliers, and our team where we celebrate our progress, learn from industry experts, and collaborate in designing our shared future – all while deepening our connections. We are very excited to be hosting our 2023 national sales meeting in late September in Nashville, a city known for its creativity and collaboration. 

In a crowded industry like promo, AIA stands out because of the way we appreciate and celebrate each other through events that bring us closer together. We look forward to participating in and hosting opportunities to build the authentic connections and trusted relationships that are foundational to business success.