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How To Create Engagement When Prospecting

Prospecting can be extremely challenging especially when you have to relate to many different demographics, age groups, and industries. It’s important to go in with a plan that will work across the board and will result in relationships and sales. Here are just a few tips for how to create engagement when prospecting.

Set A Schedule

Block off time in your schedule each week just for prospecting. To help avoid distractions, close those extra windows, put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode, set a timer, and get down to business. Get in the habit of doing it at the same time every week and you’ll make it a routine in no time! 

Follow Up

Prospecting isn’t for the faint of heart. You have to keep striving forward no matter what. Don’t consider one touchpoint sufficient. None of us want to seem like we are pestering people but think of it more as a reminder than an annoyance. We all need reminders once in a while! Make sure you are following up with people you’ve reached out to. Create a cadence of messages so you aren’t always saying the same thing every time. Add more to the conversation to give them something to respond to.

Belief In Your Value

A positive attitude and mindset are critical to any kind of success. If you don’t believe you’ll get this next client, it won’t happen. Know your value, be confident, and keep pushing forward. By considering the work you do, you’ll be able to sound more genuine in your prospecting conversations.

Keep Track Of Your Pipeline

Find a way to keep your pipeline as organized as possible. Whether it’s a spreadsheet, a CRM, or a notebook, make sure you are updating it with every conversation you have. This will help make follow-ups a breeze.

Use What Works

Phone calls might not be as effective as they used to be, but they are still worth the effort. Phone calls allow you to have authentic, honest, real-time conversations, which can help create a more immediate interest in what you are selling. While it’s true that younger generations don’t always answer the phone, it will be worth it for the ones that do. Besides phone calls, you can also try emails and social media sites like LinkedIn. It’s good to keep a good balance of prospecting across multiple platforms to find the communication method that works best for each individual.

These are just a few simple tips for creating engagement when prospecting. If you need more ideas like this to increase your sales and customer base, partner with the promo experts at AIA. Our team can help you find the right suppliers to work with, give back-office support, provide impactful marketing materials, and more!