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Importance Of Mental Health And Self-Care During A Pandemic

Full Disclaimer: This is not written by a health professional, but by someone who knows the importance of putting mental health at the top of your priority list.

Now more than ever, giving your mental health the time and attention it deserves is important. The COVID-19 pandemic is filling our days with uncertainty, and the fear of the unknown can be overwhelming.

The conditions that we’re currently experiencing, coupled with loneliness, fear, and boredom are the perfect storm for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Not having control over the situation and not knowing when life will return to normal can be a major stressor for some people, like myself. While you’re at home social distancing, be sure to work self-care into your daily routine.

Ways To Maintain A Clear Mind And Tackle Each Day With A Positive Outlook

  • Find time in your day for some fresh air. Go for a walk or drink your morning coffee out on your porch/patio.
  • Set time aside for (distant) socialization and check in on loved ones. FaceTime or video chat with a friend or family member — make it extra fun and agree to enjoy cocktails on the call together … social distancing can’t stop happy hour!
  • Read a book or listen to a podcast that you’ve been meaning to, but haven’t had the time for.
  • Get moving. Search the internet for a guided workout routine. Finish a 30-minute workout video and reward yourself with those Girl Scout Cookies that you were inevitably going to eat.
  • Give your mind a break. Stay informed on COVID-19, but be sure to disconnect from the news and social media every once in a while.
  • Focus on the good news, and as Mr. Rogers once said, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Why Mental Health Is So Important

  1. Mental health has a connection to (and an impact on) physical health.
  2. Having a clear mind and a healthy outlook will help your productivity.
  3. Younger generations are watching closely and learning how to respond to crises. If you have little ones around, they are surely looking up to you and watching how you react — staying calm and confronting the issues we’re facing with clarity and rationality will teach the littles how to be resilient in challenging situations.
  4. There’s no telling how long this pandemic will last. Putting your mental health first will allow you to withstand our current conditions and remain hopeful that normal life will resume shortly.
  5. You can’t serve others without first taking care of yourself. The better state of mind that you are in, the better your results will be with clients and customers.

Fear, loneliness, and uncertainty can’t win if you make a conscious effort every day to put your health first and tackle the issues you’re facing with positivity. Put your optimism goggles on, we’re all in this together.