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Yes, You Need a Coach

“Coaches and the people they coach know that for the future to be different, we need to change the way we do things in the present…. More often, changes involve shifts in attitudes, thinking, perceptions, and behavior.” ~ Gary Collins

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I believe in the power of coaching. There is real value in having an objective trusted partner who points out my blind spots, challenges my approach and gives me ongoing feedback. I am proud to invest in my own professional coaching because it helps me learn and grow as a business leader - and equally proud that AIA invests in consultative coaching development for our Owner Success Managers (OSMs) to benefit our Owner Community.  

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey.  It’s easy to become consumed by the work and lose sight of your original goals as an independent business owner. When you engage a business coach, you gain a partner who provides the motivation, discipline, and tools to keep you focused on what matters most. 

An effective business coach can help you grow your business in four ways:

  1. Serve as a trusted advisor, helping to pinpoint areas of opportunity to drive growth and profitability
  2. Act as an accountability partner to ensure you prioritize and follow through on key action items
  3. Provide subject matter expertise on topics you need to understand to grow your business
  4. Offer encouragement and support – or a needed push – as you navigate the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, evolve to meet consumer demands, and manage the ever-changing macro environment 

At AIA, OSMs are trained to advise Owners on a wide range of topics with the goal of helping them become better leaders and accelerate sales and profit growth in their businesses. Our coaching support includes: 

  • business plans and SWOT analysis 
  • account prospecting, pitches, retention and profitability
  • time management, resource allocation, workflow analysis, and process improvement
  • hiring/onboarding and compensation plans
  • risk analysis, growth and exit strategies … and more 

If you are wondering if a business coach is right for you, the answer is probably a resounding YES.  The right business coach can serve not only as a trusted advisor, accountability partner and cheerleader, but can also help you identify your key challenges, make smarter decisions and develop strategies to help you achieve your vision.