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11 Simple Ways to Create a Successful Sales Mindset

What separates great sales leaders from the rest? Is it their knowledge, their training, or their personality?

Or is it their mindset?

According to Carol Dweck a leading authority on mindset, “In a fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits. They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb. In a growth mindset, students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching, and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.”

How does that translate to sales? According to Jill Konrath author of Agile Selling, sales leaders and salespeople need to keep learning. “Being successful in sales is an ongoing challenge. Everyone wants to do well. When you’re in a new job, it can be overwhelming. If you’ve been around for a while, dealing with all the changes can be hard. To keep on top of your game, you need to always be learning. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated, but it is your responsibility.” What allows that motivation is the mindset.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, the publisher of Selling Power has been researching how mindset affects salespeople and sales teams and has created a new course to teach salespeople mindset. He focuses on mindset, skillset, and toolkit. Mindset always comes first. He has observed that skill sets and toolkits just don’t have any impact if the mindset is not right.

I have my guidelines for creating a positive sales mindset. The first is easy to do but often overlooked. Below are 11 ways that you and your team can create a winning sales mindset.

11 Ways to Create A Winning Sales Mindset

  1. Take a walk – It makes you more creative so you can approach your customers’ problems with fresh ideas. In a New York Times article, they described how walking in nature changes the brain.
  2. Smile – It makes you and everyone else feel good.
  3. Take a break – It gives your mind and body a rest and reset to come back to your work with new intentions.
  4. Sing a song – Belt out a tune, and sing your favorite songs! You release endorphins when you sing.
  5. Have fun – Need I say more?
  6. Meditate – It has immediate benefits for improving your mental, emotional, and physical balance.
  7. Exercise – You know what to do. Just do it!
  8. Be nice – Easier said than done on some days but you can do it.
  9. Help – How can you help someone today? Be conscious and intentional about helping.
  10. Compliment – It’s easy! Do it several times a day.
  11. Take a Vacation – It’s imperative for your heart, mind, and health.

How do these things help your sales? They put you in the right mindset. They help you be your best. They make you likable. They show people you are real. They inspire you.

To be a great sales leader, you need to have a positive mindset, believe in what you sell, and enjoy the people you deal with. Product knowledge, sales skills and tools, and a great network are important too, but won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t have the first three.