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A Brand Refresh: Conveying the Essence of AIA Corporation

A well-executed brand refresh is one way that large and small brands stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. At AIA Corporation, we recently launched our new brand strategy and identity, marking a pivotal milestone in our strategic transformation. 
Over the past several months, the AIA team has been hard at work developing a comprehensive brand strategy that reflects the essence of who we are, what we do, and where we aspire to go. Our new brand identity and positioning embody our commitment to innovation, growth, and excellence.

A refresh inspired by a key insight.

Brand research and analysis show that at the heart of the AIA brand is an understanding that every conversation matters – whether its purpose is to solve a problem, discover an opportunity, open a door, or develop an authentic connection. Our brand refresh conveys this understanding and skillfully articulates the essence of what we deliver every day.

Brand elements that deliver an experience.

The brand colors, style, and messaging have a contemporary feel – visually smart, aspirational, and empowering – while evoking a sense of serenity in an otherwise chaotic world. We want our owners, suppliers, and team members to feel at home as part of the AIA Community. 

Our new logo is modern, memorable, calm, and confident. The loop around the font represents the wrap-around support we provide our Owner Community. This wrap-around support empowers the “I” in the middle of “AIA.” We like to think of it as an Independent Owner confidently saying, “I CAN.” The swoop on the second “A” represents our partnership that empowers the shared success of our AIA Community.

Our brand refresh is more than a cosmetic makeover; it is a strategic evolution aligning our identity with our long-term goals. With our redesigned website and new brand positioning across platforms, we are better equipped to communicate our vision, mission, and values in ways that differentiate AIA and drive growth for our Owners, Suppliers, and Team.