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AIA Regional Meetings Drive Owner Collaboration

Throughout 2022, AIA Corporation (AIA) hosted a series of regional meetings designed to bring together Owners, AIA leadership and MVP Suppliers for a day of collaboration, education and exclusive supplier access.

“We know our Owners relish the opportunity to spend time together as a Community––not only to share their unique perspectives, but to have fun,” said Rich Berg, Senior Vice President of Owner Success. “We were excited to host our regional meetings to give our Owners a small group setting where they can learn from one another and discuss topics critical to the success of their business.”

The regional meetings were held in Atlanta, Seattle, Denver and Boston and focused on Owner-led conversations and collaboration to discuss best practices and growth strategies. Each regional meeting kicked off with an evening social event to experience the local community, as well as to celebrate and forge new relationships.

“I’ve been in this business for nearly 25 years, and I’m still amazed at how much I learn from my fellow AIA Owners every time we have the opportunity to get together,” said Traye Fuqua, president of AIA/Promote Your Brand. “I’m thankful for their openness and willingness to share. I have no doubt that I will be able to use information from our meeting to make my business more efficient and a better resource for my customers.”

AIA partnered with MVP Suppliers at each event including SanMar, Hit Promotional Products, Koozie Group, alphabroder, HPG Brands and Gemline. Each MVP Supplier engaged in roundtable discussions with Owners sharing the latest in product and industry innovation.  In addition, Seattle’s regional meeting included a town hall session with Jeremy Lott, president of SanMar; and in Boston, Jonathan Isaacson, chairman & CEO of Gemline, gave a behind the scenes tour of Gemline’s production facility.