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2023 Regional Meetings:  Los Angeles, CA

AIA’s 2023 Regional Meeting series kicked off last week in Los Angeles, CA. Our regional meetings are designed to bring together Owners, select MVP Suppliers and AIA Leadership for a day and a half of collaboration, education and exclusive supplier access.

Our Regional Meetings focus on three key benefits to our community. First, it creates opportunities for our Owners to connect and collaborate with each other on topics important to their business. Second, it provides an opportunity to get a behind the scenes view of some of our industry largest suppliers, creating a deeper understanding of how to work together better to achieve mutual success. And finally, the collective insights gained throughout the event helps our Owners define ways to increase their competitive advantage and better serve their customers, leading to increased sales and profits.

We partnered with four leading industry suppliers to create a unique experience for each event designed to deliver industry insights, trends and actionable best practices.  The first Regional Meeting kicked off last week in Los Angeles in partnership with Alpha Broder, along with Bella Canvas.  

“We were excited to partner with AIA to make the Los Angeles Regional Meeting meaningful for all who attended,” said Scott Loehrke with AlphaBroder.  “A big thank you to Bella Canvas for their participation and delivery of a memorable experience.”

LA Group Picture
Bella Canvas
Bella Canvas Colors
Bella Canvas Factory
Bella Canvas Factory
LA Group Picture Outside
Bella Canvas Inspirational Wall
Bella Canvas Wall Art

Attendees at our Los Angeles Regional Meeting were treated to an intimate, behind the scenes tour of the Bella Canvas Cut and Sew Factory, followed by a presentation of Bella Canvas Trends for 2023.  Alpha Broder shared a view of their All Encompassing Marketing Solutions in the afternoon, with the day wrapping with the always valuable Owner Led Collaboration sessions.

As long-time AIA Owner Steve expressed, “the LA Regional Meeting was really fantastic.  The tour of Bella+Canvas was just remarkable and the interactions with AIA team members and other owners were also super valuable.  We always learn so much from each other.”

Mindy, another AIA Owner that attended the event agreed, “It was very well done and so worthwhile.  I am very grateful I got to attend and see everyone too.” 

When asked what she found to be most valuable about attending the LA Regional Meeting, AIA Owner Jennifer explained “the collaboration with other owners and the AIA community was absolutely the most valuable.  I left with actionable insights that I can apply to my business immediately.”

With our first successful regional meeting in the books, we look ahead to traveling the country for three additional in the months ahead!