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How an IT Audit Can Improve Business Operations

Technology plays a key role in nearly all areas of a company. Any technical issues can lead to downtime and make it a challenge for employees to stay productive. Working with a managed service provider to conduct IT audits for your company can help you identify any potential problems before they make an impact on your business. Performing these audits on an annual basis can save you plenty of stress, and help you avoid technical issues and cybersecurity incidents.

Here are a few of the main ways an IT audit can improve your business operations:

Discover Vulnerabilities

Understanding how to keep your company safe against cyber threats is a necessity in today's workplace. Cybercriminals are always finding new vulnerabilities in software that can lead to a data breach. Performing an IT audit is important in identifying any security gaps before they are exploited by hackers. Sometimes your network may already be breached with malware or viruses, as a managed service provider will help neutralize these threats before they cause even more damage.

Enhance Network Configuration 

Dealing with a slow internet connection is frustrating, and it makes everyone's job much more difficult. An IT audit can identify any bottlenecks within your network that are making a negative impact on its performance. For example, some employees may be streaming music or watching videos, which causes the network to slow down. Restricting these activities can help boost network performance for the entire company.

Identify Compliance Issues

Most businesses must follow detailed regulations on how to handle confidential data. Not properly handling this information increases the risk of a data breach. These mistakes will often damage your reputation and can result in costly penalties due to compliance violations. A managed service provider can perform an IT audit to ensure you are staying in compliance while also providing instructions on how to fix any problems before they result in a cybersecurity incident.

Improve Efficiency

Relying on your in-house IT team to conduct an audit requires a lot of time and resources. Choosing to outsource these duties with a managed service provider allows your team to focus on other tasks related to your business. Spreading the workload increases efficiency for the entire organization, and it also benefits your business by allowing a third party to conduct a more detailed and thorough audit.

Closing Thoughts

Taking the time to conduct an IT audit is a critical aspect of boosting network security and identifying any potential vulnerabilities. These audits are also a great way to uncover any compliance violations, as taking care of these problems now is much easier than waiting for them to happen. Cybercrime will always remain a major risk for companies, as scheduling IT audits every year is important in helping your business stay proactive against these evolving threats.